Blackstrap Molasses Can Improve Hair Growth and Color

Graying HairWhen sugar cane syrup is boiled for the third time, blackstrap molasses is created. Due to this increased refinement, blackstrap is the most nutrient-rich of all molasses, and so when you want to buy molasses as a health supplement, blackstrap is the one to get. I have already written about blackstrap’s health benefits in general, but now I wish to focus on a specific benefit, namely, the positive effect blackstrap molasses has on our hair.

Copper Content

The reason why blackstrap molasses is so good for your hair is because its contains copper, which is an essential trace mineral for bodily maintenance. Two teaspoons of blackstrap molasses contains approximately 14 percent of your daily recommended intake of copper, as well as many other trace minerals (such as magnesium, iron, and selenium) that work in tandem with copper to help restore your health. Indeed, copper supplements are sometimes viewed as vanity supplements, since many people who take it do so for its physical benefits – including improved hair quality, as well as the possibility of restoring graying hair back to its original color (copper aids the production of the hair and skin pigment melanin).

So, when people talk or write about blackstrap’s hair benefits, they’re really talking about its copper content – which molasses contains in abundance, and naturally (unlike copper supplements, which are usually synthetic in nature).

Taking the Molasses

Blackstrap molasses is a health food and should be used as such. Any physical benefits it provides your body, such as improved hair and skin, should really be viewed as a bonus rather than the main reason for taking it. Fortunately, the recommended dose of one tablespoon per day – preferably in the morning, since that’s when you’ll probably need the energy most – is enough blackstrap to serve as both a health supplement, and a method of improving one’s hair and general appearance.

Do not expect the blackstrap molasses to improve your hair immediately, however. If your hair is graying, you will need to wait a few months (of taking at least one tablespoon a day) to notice real changes. After all, the blackstrap won’t be returning an existing hair to its original color, but rather, causing the ‘aged’ hair to fall out and be replaced by a new and more youthful hair.

Incidentally, if you’re a man whose hair is receding and you wish to restore hair growth, then you’re in luck. Not only can blackstrap molasses stimulate hair growth, but it can do so in half the time it takes to replace a graying hair, since the body does not need to remove aging hair before replacing it. Therefore, if you’re someone who wants to both stimulate hair growth and revitalize existing hair using blackstrap, expect to see hair growth first, before the blackstrap can “deal” with existing gray or brittle hair. But the most important thing is that it will deal with both, as long as you stick with it as a supplement. If you find that nothing is happening after a few months, then you may wish to increase your dose of blackstrap. However, one tablespoon a day is ideal for almost all people.

Final Points

Hopefully now you’re a little more informed on how blackstrap molasses aids hair quality and growth, and how much you need to take to achieve those benefits. Before I end this article, however, I need to emphasise these final points:

  • Not everyone like the taste of blackstrap molasses. If you’re unable to take molasses in the traditional way (mixing it with hot water and drinking it once it’s warm), then you might consider adding another liquid, such as milk, to help improve the taste. Since molasses is sugary, it might also be a good idea to drink it with a straw to avoid getting it on your teeth (stainless steel straws are a good choice, since they’re much more environmentally friendly than disposable plastic straws).
  • Avoid taking blackstrap at night. It is an energy booster, and might keep you awake!
  • The best blackstrap to buy is organic and unsulphured molasses. This is blackstrap that hasn’t been treated in a facility, thereby robbing it of its best nutrients. Sadly, unsulphured blackstrap isn’t as easy to find as sulphured molasses, so make sure you read the labels before buying a product labelled “blackstrap molasses.” The brand I personally recommend is Wholesome Sweeteners Molasses.

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