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Moringa Oleifera: The King of Superfoods

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Moringa oleifera, also called the drumstick tree and horseradish tree, is a sturdy tree native to the lower slopes of the Himalayan mountain range in northwestern India. Its pods and leaves are often cultivated for food and oil extraction in tropical and subtropical regions of the world, as well as for water purification purposes. The leaves and pods of the moringa tree are unusually nutritious, even when compared to other tropical vegetables, and they have…

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Broccoli: The Great Green Cancer Killer

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It’s hard not to feel bad for broccoli. Babies hate it. Children hate it. Most adults hate it. Even a huge number of vegetarians and vegans hate it… even if they don’t admit it. The sad fact is that, for many people, broccoli encapsulates everything unappealing about vegetables. It tastes bad, it smells bad and – as if to add salt in the wound – it loves to elbow its way into curries and stir…

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Avocados: High-Fat Fruits Packed with Oleic Acid

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Many nutritionists consider the avocado, which is native to the region stretching from the central highlands of Mexico to the Pacific Coast of Central America, to be one of the healthiest fruits in the world. This is because, unlike most other fruits, these green-skinned, single-seeded berries are rich in beneficial fats that are proven to boost our health in countless ways. However, avocados are also bursting with many other nutrients lacking in the Western diet,…

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Blackstrap Molasses: The Healthiest Grade of Molasses

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Most of the people reading this article understand that a diet rich in organic, whole foods is the key to superior health, while a diet rich in unnatural, processed foods is a recipe for disaster. This is especially true of processed foods rich in refined sugar, gluten, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, GMOs and other destructive ingredients that are commonly found in factory-made goods. However, some people are surprised to learn that there is one processed…

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